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Welcome to the Club.

Wine Bottles
Shelf of wie bottles

To know us is to love us….if you love wine!


We are always hungry for unique off-the-beaten-path wines. Our palate has been influenced by dozens of years of tasting thousands of wines. Over time we have found that we love wines that have a little less manipulation by the winemaker and more expression of place. Always looking for the grape to represent the terroir (*a wino word.) To express what it means to be from a part of the world with climate, rocks, soil, wind, and water that have spent eons making a place, a place.


Just as important, we need the grape to express itself….what aromas, acid, and sugar make it what it is.  This typicity (*another wino term) is a hallmark and helper for you, the drinker, to know what to expect when you see a grape or place name on a list or shelf.


There is something exciting in finding wines that are tasty, well crafted, unique, and represent that typicity and terroir. Here is the tricky part….Italy, for example, has 350 recognized grape varieties….and perhaps up to 500….so imagine the expression of all of those ~ from the mountainous north to the warm and volcanic south. Lots to wrap your head around.


So that is where we come in. Trust us to acquire some of the best, and yet affordable wines from our more than 20 wine vendors amid their portfolios. We will curate a monthly selection: 2 whites ~or~ 2 reds, or if you prefer, the whole shebang, 4 bottles.  


We will send you home with wine notes. Not just tasting descriptions, but a splash of history and grape facts and winemaking technique to begin your own journey to crack the code of what’s in the bottle and what you like.


As a wine Club Member you will be entitled to special privileges:

  • 10% discount on all wine, beer, and merchandise* – at the shop or online!

  • 10% discount on wine flights (for you plus one)

  • Members-only tasting notes and cheese pairing ideas for all monthly selections 

  • Look for some delicious recipes to explore for many of these wines.

  • Alerts when we are offering the perfect pairing companion, dish, soup or even dessert for you to pick up & enjoy at home

  • Invitations to member’s only events, and you can bring a friend free as well (quarterly pick-up party with free snacks and tasting)

  • Pre-Invites to Wine Dinners and Public Tasting Events


We offer three club membership levels giving you wines every month at a price lower than even your 10% discount.

  • Uniquely Table Picks White or Red - $59

  • Wine Explorers Mixed Four Pack - $99

Become a Member &  Explore the World of Wine!

Wine being poured in glass

Time to make a choice.

  • Unique Picks White

    Every month
    Uniquely table Picks - Whites
    • 2 bottles of Uniquely picked Whites
  • Unique Picks Red

    Every month
    Uniquely table Picks - Reds
    • 2 bottles of Uniquely Picked Reds
  • Wine Explorers

    Every month
    Wine Explorers Mixed 4 Pack
    • 4 bottles of 2 white and 2 reds to Explore the World of Wine
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