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Cozy Christmas

At The Table

(menu subject to change)



Welcome Nibbles

Cashews with Sage & Garlic


Potato Pancakes:


Creme Fraiche & Caviar

Cranberry Apple Sauce & Spiced Nut

Rosé or White


Sweet Potato

Pumpkin Seed Gremolata



Christmas Citrus Salad

Feta, Spiced Pistachio 

Pinot Noir or Syrah

Coulibiac of Salmon (or Papillote)

Lemony Rice, Pickled Beets, Garlic Greens

Dill Cream


Pork Loin

Roasted Fennel, Apple, Roots,

Hazelnut Vinaigrette

Sautéed Garlic Greens

Quinta Deveso

Christmas Spice Pavlovas

Whipped Creme Fraiche

Citrus Caramel


Cream Puff Trifle

Poached Pear & Cranberry

Vanilla Cream Custard

$65 food

$30 Pairings





The Miller’s Table

Wishing YOU a Healthy Happy Christmas!

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